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  • Cost-effective, non-xenogeneic / serum substitute
  • Natural source and natural signal for cell growth
  • Abundant growth factors / cytokines / proteins that maximize MSC growth
  • Ideal in vivo environment for cell culture
  • Lot to lot consistency
  • Extended storage for without losing potency
  • Research grade and GMP grade available
  • Replace up to 20% FBS with only 5% UltraGRO™ / UltraGRO™-Advanced / UltraGRO™-PURE
  • Better performance in primary and expansion cultures
  • Shorten population doubling times (20~30 hrs)
  • Lower cost per million cells produced
  • No adhesion factors needed
  • Reproducible cell culture results
  • From pre-clinical to clinical trial with the same supplement
  • No heparin required in UltraGRO™-Advanced
  • Drug Master File is available for UltraGRO™-Advanced / UltraGRO™-PURE
  • 100% xeno-free in UltraGRO™-PURE

Clinical Use

At present, the rapid advancement in development of biopharmaceuticals, cellular therapy, and biologics is forcing the industry to seek cell culture media to be animal proteins free, serum-free, and cost effective. UltraGRO™-Advanced is used as a manufacturing component in the generation of human mesenchymal stem cells in 4 clinical trials (phase I) in indications including Crohn’s disease, graft versus host disease, degenerative disc disease, and chronic pancreatitis.

  • 4 Pre-clinical trials
  • 4 Phase I clinical trials

Replace 20% FBS with Only 5% UltraGRO™ / UltraGRO™-Advanced / UltraGRO™-PURE

Growth Kinetics with UltraGRO™ Supplemented Medium for hMSC Expansion

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